Drox Operative 2 Crack + Torrent PC Game 2021 Free Download

Drox Operative 2 Crack + Torrent PC Game 2021 Free Download


Drox Operative 2 Crack + Torrent PC Game 2021 Free Download

Drox Operative 2 Crack is a spaceship action RPG featuring warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic evolving galaxy, and cooperative multiplayer for Windows and Linux. Enos ago, the Drox crushed and enslaved the ancient races and ruled the galaxy with their powerful agents. These elite captains were trained to accomplish the impossible at all costs. Whether through stealth or brute force, they were always deadly.

Using these agents, the Drox has ruled the galaxy with an iron fist for over 100,000 years. Realizing that their agents were a threat, they tried to assassinate them all. They failed. The ensuing Galactic Civil War was so devastating that the Drox are now extinct. The now fully independent Drox Agent Guild has survived.

In the new space race, old, mature, and young races explore, colonize and develop, trying to take control of the galaxy through diplomacy, technology, war, and any other means necessary.

As Agent Drox it is NOT your job to run an empire, after all, you are the captain of a single ship. It’s your job to pick the winning side and maybe even help him conquer the galaxy if you’re nice, although the most important thing is to get as many credits as possible, well, and build the deadliest ship in the known universe. Who will you support as an operator? Old breeds, mature or young? The pacifist or militarist races? Xenophobic or xenophobic races? The races that value freedom or the races that use slave lobar? The strong or the weak? Your actions and inaction will impact billions of alien lives!

Drox Operative 2 Crack + Torrent PC Game 2021 Free Download

Key Features:

Explore a dynamic and evolving galaxy
Explore a unique sector of the galaxy in each game, featuring different “monsters”, ship components, missions, and even races.
Fight in the galactic war between different alien races.
Fight against hundreds of different enemy spaceships
Build the coolest and deadliest ship in the galaxy
Equip your boat with thousands of components and crew
Adventure with your friends with cooperative multiplayer
Essentially play an action RPG in a universe of alien races by playing a 4X game

New Features (compared to Drox Operative 1):

  • Build a unique ship with a new skill/command system.
  • Enjoy better graphics (normal maps, better specular maps, and higher resolution textures)
  • Process more types of treaties (vassals, tributaries, protectorates, and federations)
  • Find more types of components (plasma guns, cylinder components, etc.)
  • Experience faster moves and fights
  • Interact with randomly generated races (young races only)
  • Discover much more interesting things as you explore
  • Protector exploit the primitive races

System Requirements:

  • OS: XP or newer
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or another equivalent)
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: Ge Force 2 or higher
  • Storage: 1 GB of available space

How to install?

  • Download the game
  • Extract it using (WinRAR)
  • Install (All-in-one Run times / Direct X)
  • Run the game as administrator
  • That’s it (take advantage)

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