Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Crack 2021 PC Game Free Download

Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos Crack 2021 PC Game Free Download


Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos Crack 2021 PC Game Free Download

Rogue Heroes Ruins Crack of Tasos is an exciting retro-inspired video game that’s fun to play with friends but suffers from a lot of bugs.

New Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos from developer Heliocentric Studios does a great job of digging its claws into players and not letting them go. Its world is fascinating to explore due to the large number of hidden objects and secrets hidden in the corners of the map, and it is great fun to play with friends. However, Rogue Heroes’ ability to deliver a fun experience is heavily hampered by bugs and glitches, as well as some weird design choices, making the experience spotty even at best.

Rebel heroes:

Ruins of Tasos begins by leaving players in the midst of the once happy and peaceful land of Tasos. This country has been ravaged by monsters ruled by an evil group of deity-like beings called the Titans. The player is then tasked with entering several different temples to find these Titans in order to defeat them and bring Thasos back to prosperity. Along the way, the player will find a large number of different NPCs who can move around their small village and help them improve their adventures.

Biggest issues with Rogue Heroes:

The biggest issue with Rogue Heroes at the moment is the sheer number of bugs the game is currently suffering from. During this review, a major bug was found that caused the game to crash about halfway, forcing a full reboot. There are also a few minor ones that have appeared as well, like walls that could be phased out or enemies that attacks wouldn’t connect with. There have also been several times where multiplayer games have completely stopped working and thrown the whole party into the main menu.


Rebel heroes:

Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos Crack 2021 PC Game Free Download

Ruins of Tasos is really great to play alone and with friends. Unfortunately, in its current state, there are so many issues that they manage to reduce the whole experience very quickly.

Key Features:

  • Four-Player Co-op Adventures – Up to four players can explore the lands of Thasos and battle dungeons, help each other and resurrect for victory together.
  • Roguelite Dungeon Tracking – Face off against procedurally generated dungeons filled with a variety of monsters, earning gems to spend on upgrades to go further in the next race
  • Town and Class Upgrades – Each race in the dungeon grants heroes gems to spend on upgrades, including town facilities, as well as player skills and stats.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Graphics: 256MB video memory, shader model 3.0+
  • Storage: 300 MB of available space

How To Install?

  • Download the game
  • Extract it using (WinRAR)
  • Install (All-in-one Runtimes / Direct X)
  • Run the game as administrator
  • That’s it (take advantage)

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